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Americart USA LLC News

AmericartUSA™ Announces Addition of Customer Service Representative to its Organization -- April 26, 2011
AmericartUSA™, an innovative designer and builder of American made motorized carts for material handling, announces the addition of a key employee to handle sales and customer service.

AmericartUSA LLC. Announces Low Cost Motorized Carts - Built in the USA
American Manufacturing Company is introducing a low cost motorized platform cart that is built to American quality standards, yet is priced to compete head-to-head with import products.

AmericartUSA(TM) Announces Support of Team Red, White and Blue
AmericartUSA™, a manufacturer of motorized platform carts, announces its support of Team Red, White and Blue, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of wounded veterans and their families.

Ergonomic Articles

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Cause, Effect, and Prevention -- November, 25 2011
The work-related injury or illness that results in the most number of days lost at work is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Preventing Neck Injuries at Work
When a person suffers a neck injury, it isn’t always so severe that it’s noticeable. Neck injuries are not limited to...

Avoiding Repetitive Stress Injuries
When looking at the different movements that create injury over time, especially at work, repetitive movements are clearly the most harmful. Repetitious movement of any kind can wear down any part of the body.

Where to Start Solving Work-Related Shoulder Injury
Anyone familiar with creating an ergonomic work environment knows that there are three hazard controls: work practice, administrative, and engineering.

Solutions for Potential Work-Related Neck Injuries
Many workplace injuries occur over time rather than in one event. While that might make it take longer to recognize the risks, it also gives companies a little time to fix the problems that cause injuries.

Heavy Lifting vs Pushing and Pulling
One of the most dangerous work tasks in any industry is heavy lifting. It can wear a body down over time or hurt someone in one incident.

Paying Attention to Pain at Work
What is it about work-related pain that makes people hesitate to acknowledge it? The slightest discomfort shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but it does indicate that the body is uncomfortable and either needs a break or needs to reposition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Work
While ergonomics still have a place in data entry jobs, typing is not the primary cause of this disorder. On the contrary, using a computer for 7 hours a day was found not to increase the risk of developing CTS.

Shoulder Pain: A Careful Look at Your Job Tasks and Their Effects on the Shoulder
For most people, pain and tension in the body are daily experiences. There are several non-work factors that affect the body and the body's vulnerability to injury, like age, daily activity, and stress. However, shoulder pain is frequently a result of work-related activity, and it is not always so obvious.

Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Look Beyond the Keyboard
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is still one of the major repetitive motion injuries prevalent in American Industry, but surprisingly, computer keyboard use does not increase the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Rather assembly line activity is a far more common cause.

Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? How and Why Your Neck Is Vulnerable at Work
While an astounding amount of research has been collected on the subject, many people don't realize how easily their bodies can be affected by almost any type of work. While low back injuries are the most common work-related MSDs, the neck is typically the second most common. The neck is vulnerable to injury in even more jobs than is the low back and can be harder to detect.

Work-Related Neck Pain: Easy Come, Easy Go?
Pain caused by neck injuries and tension is extremely common in the workforce and can range from mild to severe.

Industry News

The State Of Material Handling Today -- November 25, 2011
Nick Wilson is the president and CEO of Morrison Container Handling Solutions, which provides packaging solutions for national and international companies.

Ohio Businesses Awarded More Than $200K for Workplace Safety --October 27,2011
The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) reported that 10 Ohio businesses received more than $217,000 in safety intervention grants in September to improve workplace safety.

Promoting Safety as Workers Get Older, Fatter: Atlas to Reveal New Findings at NSC Congress & Expo --October 22,2011
As the modern workforce ages and becomes more overweight, employers find themselves facing dramatic new safety, productivity and cost implications.

Win-Holt Equipment Group buys Georgia firm -- August 31, 2011
As part of an expansion across the nation and the globe, Syosset-based Win-Holt Equipment Group has acquired Commercial Stainless Fabricators, in Marietta, Ga.

Congress Hits the Greens to Raise Money for Wounded Warriors -- June 10, 2011
In a bi-partisan charity golf tournament, former and current Members of Congress and wounded warriors tee-off together for a cause. Ed “Doc” Pepping, Al Mampre and Ed Shames -- of the Band of Brothers Easy Company -- a WWII unit whose story was featured in the HBO series, “Band of Brothers,” will also make a special appearance. Honor the Fallen Foundation helped to make their visit possible.

Device gives average Joes and Janes the pro treatment -- May 22, 2011
Starting next month you, too, can rehabilitate your surgically repaired knees just like pro athletes do.

Study Finds Little Difference Between Active, Passive 3DTV Glasses -- May 5, 2011
A new study by TCO Development found little difference between 3DTVs that use active shutter or passive glasses, at least when it comes to the visual experience.

UPR sued for not having comprehensive ergonomics program -- 5/4/2011
A Union Pacific Railroad employee has filed suit against the company, alleging the railroad should have provided a comprehensive ergonomics program to prevent repetitive injuries.

Humantech Seeks Companies to Participate in Ergonomics Study--March 11,2011
"We are looking for companies with established and effective ergonomic programs, who are regulated by OSHA, and who may have operations elsewhere in the world," said Walt Rostykus, vice president of Humantech.

When work is a pain, do something about it immediately. Especially if your wrists or arms, neck and shoulders or back hurt. Those are the most common areas in which workers have pain and stress, say ergonomics experts.

Logistics News: Are U.S. Distributors Falling Behind The Automation Technology Adoption Curve?
Much of the order fulfillment material handling technology we report on in this space has to do with traditional mechanized receiving, storage, picking, sorting, and shipping systems. We are, however, well aware of the increasingly important role ...

Pleasing Big Business, Obama Admin Blocks Two Workplace Safety Regulations

Last month, President Obama wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling for "a government-wide review of the rules already on the books to remove outdated regulations that stifle job creation and make our economy less competitive."

Free Report for Safety Professionals: 50 Tips For More-Effective Safety Training
The free report features tips on such topics as head protection, machine guards, contractors, chemical labels, ergonomics, forklift safety, ...

Wounded Veterans News

Cal Poly students create prosthetic limbs for wounded veterans -- December 2, 2011
Something as simple as swimming in the ocean can be extraordinarily complicated for anyone who has lost an arm or a leg, but some Cal Poly engineering students are trying to make the impossible possible by creating prosthetic limbs for wounded veterans.

Congress urged to approve national recognition for Vietnam vets - - december 1,2011
Ben Crosby recalls how gracious people were when he came home from his first combat tour in Vietnam. It was 1967, and as the young Army major, clad in uniform, passed through the civilian world, women hugged him, his drinks in airport bars came free and people were appreciative.

Wounded vets need care, not bureaucracy -- November 24, 2011
The Nov. 19 front-page article “Severely wounded find more red tape” portrayed (yet again) the results of a fundamental lack of leadership.

Designing homes for ‘wounded warriors’ -- November 17, 2011
UB architect Danise Levine is part of a team that designed two houses for wounded veterans and their families as part of the Wounded Warrior Home Project.

The Returning Veteran Dilemma – Is It Fact or Fiction? -- November 14, 2011
With Veterans Day freshly behind us and the multiple articles related to troops leaving Iraq and the Afghanistan drawdown, many of us have also noted a resurgence of stories concerned with the plight of veterans across the United States.

Wounded warriors make run at NYC Marathon glory -- November 5,2011
Wounded warriors will gear up Sunday and go into a different battleground -- the New York City Marathon.

Local soldier surprises daughter as he returns home from Iraq -- November 4, 2011
It is a story book ending, a Corbin father and daughter re-united after being apart for more than four months.

Veteran Says VA Refuses to Give Wounded Warriors Preference When Granting Contracts -- October 23, 2011
A government investigation is seeking a response from the Department of Veterans Affairs after the agency allegedly failed to follow a law that would have it set aside work for qualifying firms owned by disabled veterans.

USDA Funds Will Aid Returning Veterans -- October 14, 2011
Nebraska's Center for Rural Affairs among groups to help veterans return to rural areas and farms

Headaches send troops home from Iraq --October 13, 2011
JOHNS HOPKINS (US) — Headaches triggered by combat brain injuries, heavy helmets, and other stressors are among the top causes of medical evacuation of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, new research shows.

Legislation Championed by Klobuchar to Help Returning Soldiers Get Jobs Goes Into Effect This Week -- October 1, 2011

For veterans, golden years are best in Waco -- September 23, 2011
Earlier this week, the Star Tribune reported on the dismal state of affairs for Minnesota's unemployed Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Minnesota ranks among the worst in the nation for jobs for returning modern-day vets.

Continuing to honor our veterans -- September 24, 2011
On Friday, September 23, a group of 25 World War II veterans from the Third District visited our nation's capital as part of the Hall County Hero Flight...

Thousands turn out to support wounded veterans September 16, 2011
"It's a blessing," Air Force veteran Jason Ellis said Friday night as he looked at the crowd of thousands of people at the Lt. Dan Band concert in Beaufort.

Obama Aims to Put Jobless Veterans to Work September 15, 2011
Controversial proposal creates incentives for businesses that hire veterans and military spouses.

Families, friends reunite with about 200 soldiers returning from Iraq -- August 29,2011
FORT HOOD — More soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division's 4th Brigade arrived at Fort Hood Thursday night after a yearlong deployment to Iraq.

Injured troops face bureaucracy to leave military -- August 18, 2011
WASHINGTON — Staff Sgt. Nicholas Lanier has entered what he calls the "vast unknown." A combat veteran and father to four daughters, he can't remain in the military because of a serious back injury earned in Iraq.

Jobless vet: It was easier in Iraq than at home -- August 4, 2011
(CBS News) The unemployment rate has been around nine percent for almost two years, but it is surprising to see that unemployment for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is nearly triple that.

Help available for veterans’ caregivers -- July 19, 2011
FARGO – Family members who care for war veterans with serious wounds or psychological scars can themselves need a helping hand.

Veterans wait too long for mental health services, reports say -- July 14, 2011
Veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues often face “unconscionable” waits for treatment that leave them at risk of suicide, according to testimony at a Senate hearing Thursday and new reports from the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general.

Marine Bikes 430 Miles to Give Back to Fellow Wounded Warriors -- July 9th,2011
A Marine who nearly died in Iraq is giving back to his fellow servicemen and women by biking for the second time 430 miles from Scottsdale, Ariz., to San Diego, Calif., reported.

Program to match veterans with manufacturing jobs -- July 7th,2011
MAGNET announces project to help local businesses get trained employees.

Baseball celebrates July 4 by honoring veterans -- July 4th, 2011
Military personnel to be recognized at ballparks nationwide

Veterans carry scars from war, but they stand firm as patriots--July 1st, 2011
US soldiers came home from Vietnam to unwelcoming America

World War II veterans greeted with a hero's welcome -- June 20th 2011
Rochester, N.Y. — A hero’s welcome awaited 46 World War II veterans who returned from the 17th Rochester Honor Flight on June 19.

Obama Visits Wounded Veterans At Walter Reed --June 17, 2011
President Barack Obama traveled to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Friday to meet with wounded servicemembers.

After fighting for his country, Iraq veteran now fights for a job -- June 9, 2011
WASHINGTON — Eric Smith calls himself one of the lucky ones, returning home from the war in Iraq in 2008 with two arms and two legs.

Aging and returning vets putting a strain on VA benefits system -- May 28, 2011
Some say the department has improved in recent years but is understaffed as more veterans enter the system.

Hundreds cheer Wounded Warriors at Bush Intercontinental Airport -- May 20, 2011
HOUSTON—Hundreds of people gathered at Bush Intercontinental Airport on Friday to welcome more than 200 wounded veterans to Houston.

‘In the US Army, less young men and women die in combat than die by their own actions’ -- 8 May 2011
On March 31, burdened with survivor’s guilt over the deaths of three close friends, numb with prescription drugs and unable to cope with the nightmares, panic attacks and depression of post-traumatic stress disorder, Corporal Clay Hunt shot himself in his apartment.

Wounded Warriors Bring Inspiration to the White House --May3,2011
This week, the White House was host to some truly inspiring guests: wounded veterans who are participating in the Wounded Warrior's Soldier Ride Program to raise money and awareness for other veterans struggling to recover from their injuries

Struggling local veteran wins hard-fought victory --Aprl 22, 2011
MALTA -- It took Roger Lefco 17 years to believe his flashbacks about the Vietnam War were more than just bad dreams.

Life after war not easy for Iraq, Afghanistan veterans -- April 21,2011
When we think of soldiers who die in battle, we often think of those who die fighting for our country on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

If You're a Veteran in Need, Where Do You Turn for Help? -- April 12, 2011
One of the saddest facts about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that so many soldiers leave the battlefield with one question: where do I go for help?

Researchers combine smells, combat scenes to treat veterans' stress disorder -- April 10th, 2011
ORLANDO, Fla. — It's not quite smell-o-vision, but University of Central Florida researchers are kicking off a study that will combine a virtual reality simulation of wartime scenes along with the "smells" of Middle East combat zones to help veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.

Veterans benefits bill could die with Harper government; critic says let it go -- March 23,2011
OTTAWA - Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn implored senators Wednesday night to let an improved package of benefits for former soldiers pass into law before the federal government goes down to defeat.

Red tape short-changing veterans -March 22,2010
Much of the $11.5 billion spent supporting injured and wounded service personnel and service pensioners in 2010-11 was soaked up by bureaucratic red tape, critics say.

Veterans told to reach out to returning soldiers -- March 25, 2011
Legislators recognize veterans at Capitol ceremony. The chairman of the Oklahoma Veterans Council asked veterans to keep in mind soldiers who are in harm’s way; about 3,400 state National Guardsmen are headed to Afghanistan in a couple months.

Bill would make March 30 special day -- March 24,2011
A U.S. Senate resolution just passed and is off to the House of Representatives for approval that would set March 30 this year as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day."

Veterans: What's Wrong with Current Treatments?
Disability benefits themselves can sometimes cause inadvertent damage by incentivizing unemployment and dependency and discouraging veterans from returning to the civilian workforce. Collaboration between the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and ...

Families Of Wounded Veterans Waiting For Benefits Signed Into Law By Obama
Under the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act, those caring for wounded veterans would qualify for numerous new benefits, ...

Wounded Warrior Marines SuperBowl Bound
IRVING, Tx. — Marines and Marine veterans, supported by the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, gathered here to attend a welcome dinner at the Irving Convention Center, marking the start of events leading up to their attendance at Super Bowl XLV.

Study: Wounded veterans at almost twice the risk for heart disease as non-vets
AHN | All Headline News
The researchers said in a statement that this showed wounded veterans were almost twice as likely to die from heart disease than a comparison group.

Veterans empowerment project on fast track
Florida Today
"The ultimate goal is to transition from wounded warrior to a viable citizen," Rose said. AVET works to provide the kind of counseling the veterans Rose ...

Veterans remember Desert Storm 20 years later
Nonetheless, nearly 300 American lives were lost (including 17 Ohioans), and more than 400 wounded. Yet in some ways the war never really ended, ...

Project VETS Scholarship Program Provides Hope and Opportunities for Wounded
Project VETS has been designed to establish dignity through self-reliance in the financial markets for disabled veterans returning from Operation Iraqi ...

Expo in Glendale will help vets find jobs
More than 300 veterans are expected to attend the expo aimed at helping recently returning troops and other veterans and service members, and their spouses ...

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