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AmericartUSA™ Pricing

Obtaining a price for our motorized platform carts is easy
To obtain price information for an AmericartUSA™ motorized platform cart just follow the 4 easy steps below. This is not an order, although base prices for our standard motorized carts are listed
. Any custom sizing of a cart or addition of a accessory will required a follow-up from one of our staff to be sure your exact specifications are met.

  1. Fill in your contact information
  2. Select the size motorized platform cart you desire (or select “custom size” and provide your specifications)
  3. Indicate which of our accessories you’re interested in. We will contact you to discuss the details and provide a quote.
  4. Select “Process”.

If you prefer, you may call or email us directly for an AmericartUSA™ representative to discuss your needs with you and provide a cost estimate: 877-498-0076 or e-mail us:

1. Provide your contact information:
Company Name:  
Company Address:  
2. Select size and indicate the number of motorized carts desired:
26" x 50" ($2,059.00) Quantity:  
26" x 62" ($2,150.00) Quantity:  
Custom Size Quantity: Desired Custom Size:
3. Select accessories:
Due to the fact our accessories offer a wide variety of configurations we are unable to provide a price without obtaining more details. Please call or email us; an Americartusa® representative will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.
Wire Shelving Custom Size Decks Equipment Cover
Solid Shelving Cylinder Racks Fully Enclosed Cabinet
24”W x 48”L x 54”H Anti-Skid Coating Fully Enclosed Cabinet with Lock
24”W x 60”L x 54”H Shelving Cover  
Custom Accessory (Description)

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